Bring it on 2019 and Happy Birthday Tristan!

So, it's officially my first blog post of the new year! December 2018 kicked me in the you know what. It was a long and trying time. We had lots of financial and emotional setbacks and it felt like it was going to kill us slowly. 2019 started off in a rocky way as well when my teeth grinding (stress related, of course) pinched the trigeminal nerve in my face. I am still recovering from that. It's better in the morning and then through the course of the day, the swelling gets worse and I get dizzy and painful and have to take it easy. Saturday I felt overly frustrated, but then I decided I am going to kick this year's ass. I went back into keto mode hardcore (currently on day 3, no cheats, no ifs, and, or buts) and I've even started exercising using the Nintendo Switch's few fitness games it has. I only started with 15 minutes because I'm SO out of shape.

But, I'm killing it. Even though I have to lay down forever in the evenings, I'm going to kick this year in gear!

Today is a really special day, it is my little man's 5th birthday. I don't even know how this is possible. It's so crazy to me that he's getting so big and will be heading off to school soon. In dedication to him, I made this little video for his birthday. I hope you guys enjoy it, even though my app threw some repeats in there. Happy birthday little man. I love you!!!


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