Money Making Apps for the SAHM, WAHM, or Anyone with a Pulse! Part Four: Fetch Rewards

Welcome to the truth bomb, Part Four of the ways I use apps to make that extra money for Christmas or to cushion my pocketbook! The app I'm featuring as my Number Four is called Fetch Rewards. Fetch rewards you for making purchases of their preferred brands. It also has possibilities to earn additional points by making specific purchases. A point has a .01 cent conversion rate. Example 2,000 points = $2.00. This app is very easy, you just submit a picture of a receipt and you get points. Easy peasy. Here are some aspects of the app that I absolutely love and use often.

Fetch Rewards will give you points for making ANY purchases at a grocery or club type store, not just the preferred brands. Did you walk in just to buy a candy bar or TP? Upload that. That's 25 points. You can upload multiple receipts a day to max out your savings. Those receipts add up extremely fast. I have been using Fetch for about 2 months and I've already cashed out for $15.00. If you buy the preferred brands, those points add up even faster.

Maximize the brand savings by picking always on rewards for the products you use most. My favorite is Kraft because we buy those like there is no tomorrow. There are tons of other brands on there that you can pick and customize for your family. Examples: Klondike, Kool-Aid, Jell-O, etc.

In short, if Fetch is willing to pay you for something you already do, you should do it! Just grocery shop like you typically would and then Voila! Free money back!!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for the Fetch program, but this is an absolutely easy way to make extra cash, so just do it!


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