Let's talk Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent

I am super enthusiastic about my latest partnership through Generation Good! A few weeks ago, I got chosen to sample their new free and clear laundry pods. I have officially tried them out and what can I say? The product is great. Let's talk Seventh Generation in general. I'm sure you've seen their products at places like Target. Seventh Gen is all about making products that are good for the environment and good for people. Their goal is to get rid of all of these harsh, nasty chemicals that all of our products are filled with and replace them with sustainable products that aren't going to kill the environment for our kiddos in the future. I think most anyone can get behind that philosophy.

And with everything we see on the news about how these products are just killing our environment, you just NEED to get behind these products for everyone's sake.

The laundry pods boast tons of great features:

  • No dyes, no fragrances, MADE for sensitive skin.
  • EPA reviewed and chosen to be better for the environment than traditional laundry pods
  • 94% Biobased Product, more biodegradable, less waste.
  • All-temperature laundry pacs that will work in any machine.
  • Natural Quadruple-Enzyme power to clean your clothes and keep them fresh.
I mean what's not to like amirite? When choosing products for our family especially detergents and soaps, we have to be SO conscious of what's in them for our son, Tristan. He suffers from eczema, allergies, and all around skin yuckies. The strangest things can break him out and cause him misery. When he's got a bad flare-up, he can't stop itching and then of course he's more prone to skin infections and just general issues. I am always leery when I get chosen for laundry product reviews, because I just don't know how his skin will react if they have any unusual ingredients. I read the package the samples came in very thoroughly and I was so pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to worry about these pacs.

The next thing I think about is whether or not the free and clear products were going to be able to take out the smells in my kids' (and husband's) clothes. All of my family (except me, haha) are very active and we can get residual smells in the laundry. I tried out the detergent for 4 loads, and I have to say, I saw no difference between our current detergent and this detergent in regard to clothes smells. Overall the product is a TOTAL winner. And did I mention the price point?! FULL PRICE (there are always coupons or Cartwheels for these products, by the way), 45 laundry pacs will run you $12.99 at Target. That's 28 cents per load of laundry. It's totally reasonable and you're saving the environment.

I cannot say enough about my love of this product. 

DISCLAIMER: I received free product in connection with a brand promotion through Generation Good, but the thoughts and opinions are totally mine. You will love this product!


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