Money Making Apps for the SAHM, WAHM, or Anyone with a Pulse! Part Three: Honey

If you are shopping online, you need to be using your desktop/laptop device to get the best deals possible. While it's so easy and enticing to just buy products from your phone, it's a lot harder to remember to get the cash back that many places offer through partner apps. My favorite partner app at the moment is Honey. Honey is a browser extension that you add into your Chrome and it will automatically monitor pricing for you and also input promo codes for you to get you the best deal. On top of that, they offer cash back in the form of "Honey Gold", Honey Gold points are a 1 point to 1 penny ratio which means it's a high reward system. Also, Honey offers cash back promotions for different stores that can boost your cash and start building that reserve. Honey Gold can be redeemed for Amazon, Target, Walmart, or even Sephora cash (my personal favorite, self-proclaimed makeup addict).

Here is an example of a really good cash back deal I got during school supply shopping time:

Office Depot/Office Max was running their 1 cent, 50 cents, dollar special that they do yearly. I waited to buy supplies until the special ran. Honey was running a promotion for an extra 1,000 ($10) Honey Gold bonus when you bought at Office Max and a 1% Honey Gold reward rate. Honey then also found me a promo code for 30% off of non-sale items for my purchase. I ended up with a starting purchase price of $86.00 for school supplies for two kiddos. The Honey promo code that was added took my price down to $74.00. The Honey Gold I got back was the $10.00 promotional credit PLUS $0.74 in the 1% Honey Gold reward rate. That means with the Office Max deals Honey found and the stackable rewards promotions from Honey, my school supplies for two kids (and I mean EVERYTHING but backpacks) ended up being $63.26. I mean getting school supplies done for 2 kids for around $30 a piece is UNHEARD of. And it's all thanks to Honey!!!

Another great money-saving feature of Honey that is going to be very useful is the Honey Droplist feature. Say you're looking for a specific item for Christmas, for example, the Nintendo Switch. Go to Amazon and search for the Nintendo Switch (make sure your Honey extension is ENABLED on your browser). You can click to view the item's price history and if you click the h+ sign (see pic) you can actually have Honey monitor the price of that item for the next 60 days AND alert you when it's at it's cheapest!!!! How amazing is that?!

Hit that h+ and monitor the price y'all!!!

In short, Honey Gold is absolutely worth its weight in Gold (see what I did there?). It helps build your reserve AND save you money. It needs to be on your money saving list. But, please, use your laptop or desktop to do your Christmas shopping so you can maximize your deals!!!

As with all of my posts about these apps, this is an affiliate link, but trust me that this app is 110% amazing! CLICK HERE TO JOIN HONEY TODAY!!!


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