Money Making Apps for the SAHM, WAHM, or Anyone with a Pulse! Part Two: trunow

Gas. Gas is so damn expensive. My family goes to the gas station a lot. My husband is a delivery driver and spends most days out in the field. He makes numerous trips to the gas station for food or drinks. We are a typical family who gets gas in our vehicles at least once a week, too. You have got to find ways to save when you cut your budget. My favorite gas saving app/money making app for gas stations hands down is trunow.

The trunow app is two-fold, the app will tell you which gas station has the cheapest gas around you, and then if you take pictures of your gas receipt, it gives you points for them which you exchange for cash or gift cards. Again, I have really specific rules for what apps I will use. See Part One of my post about ibotta.

trunow - Top bar has cheapest gas. Receipt picture gives you points for cash.

I'm all about this app since I am dually saving money because it's finding the lowest gas price for me and adding to my reserve funds through gift cards. trunow also allows you to spend your saved money at gas stations, however, I don't have any locally that accept it. Sign up today for trunow. You won't regret the savings. All of those pennies and points add up! My reserve money makes or breaks our house. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next suggested app!

Note: My link to trunow is an affiliate link. You and I both benefit from you taking the step to make your reserve!!


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