The one about new Starbucks Hot Cocoa K-Cups!

It's blustery and cold outside. I woke up to a 7 degree temperature outside. Brr! It's so crazy cold especially considering we've had pretty unseasonably warm weather later. Yesterday we had our first snow of the year. It has just been a roller coaster of Missouri weather lately. Crazy!

Today after I had my morning coffee I was freezing and I needed something else to warm me up. Recently I got samples of Starbucks' new hot cocoa k-cups and I thought today was definitely the day to try them out.
The cute little box my samples came in.

A picture of the Hot Cocoa K-Cup

The Starbucks cocoa comes in 2 flavors, Classic Hot Cocoa and Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa. I'm addicted to everything salted caramel, so that's the flavor that I decided to try out. I popped in the K-Cup, set my brewer to the 8 ounce setting and a minute later I had a nice glass of steaming hot cocoa ready to try. 

Harper and I decided to share my glass. The hot cocoa had a rich and decadent cocoa flavor. The only con that it had was that it was sweetened with Stevia. All hot cocoas made for the Keurig are sweetened with alternative sugars. I guess this is because the amount of regular sugar that'd you need to sweeten cocoa wouldn't fit into a K-Cup. Anyways, I just don't like the aftertaste of Stevia. I still thought the hot cocoa was good. 

Harper really enjoyed the hot cocoa, I think she drank more than I did! If you have a Keurig and you like Hot Cocoa, you really can't go wrong with these K-Cups. I just wish I would have had some whipped cream or some marshmallows to go inside! It definitely satisfied my desire for something hot to warm me up today! 

Note: I received this sample for free, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.


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