The one about my rebounding migraine.

have been going through hell lately. I have what's called a rebounding migraine and it's just the worst. Basically I have a roller coaster migraine that lasts all day and all night and has for the past week. The migraine travelled down and went into the muscles of my neck and also it gave me bloodshot eyes. I finally went to the doctor and they gave me a course of steroids to take to get rid of this thing. My pain level has ranged from a 1 or a 2 all the way up to 10. It's usually been holding at about a 7 though. It's been just unbearable so I've been slow on writing on the blog. Today is day 2 of steroids and I am finally feeling a little relief. 

I haven't done much of anything except for on Saturday my pain was about a 3 so we decided to go to the St. Louis Zoo and enjoy the day. (Thanks Aunt Mona for the membership!) We had such a great time. We saw a few animals, rode the carousel, and the kids made Build A Bears. It wasn't busy at all and we just enjoyed ourselves. Here's some pictures from our trip:

I love family days like that. It's so great when everyone is getting along and nobody throws fits and we all just enjoy each other's company. Things are so busy all the time sometimes it's hard to just enjoy each other. It makes those times where the stars just align that much better. 

A lot of days it's hard and tough and you say, "That's it! I can't take another fight!" You honestly don't feel like you have it in you. These are the times when you need days like this to recall that it's perfect sometimes and those imperfect times don't seem so bad.


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