The truth about extracurricular activities with an overactive toddler.

It's that season of life right now. Harper is old enough now to do activities and so we have her enrolled in dance class and swim lessons. She absolutely loves doing these activities and they are great for her. She's making friends and gaining confidence, both skills which she needs practice on. I couldn't be happier for her. But the truth is, I could be happier. The reality is I've got an almost 2-year old who is very active and stubborn which means one thing. THESE ACTIVITIES SUCK FOR ME.

Instead of enjoying the activities that she's doing, I run back and forth in the viewing area after my crazy toddler. At dance class, the viewing area is tiny and adjacent to two rooms full of child hazards. It's absolutely insane the amount of stuff that he gets into in such a short period of time, Some favorite activities include playing with blind cords, trying to open the backdoor to escape, standing just out of sight so I have to come get him, and climbing on desks, benches, and his and my favorite folding chairs. If he doesn't get stuck in a folding chair at least once on Tuesday afternoons I don't much know what to do with myself.

Swim lessons are a little easier because they have a kids room at the Y where I can take Tristan to play after he tries to run outside for the 10th time. (He's figured out how to work the wheelchair power doors, so he can totally escape.)

I can only assume that Harper is enjoying herself since I don't get to see any of the class. They don't tell you that extracurricular activities are like this when you have a toddler. They just don't. Everyone says, "Oh that's so fun that she's in dance." And it is fun, for her. I'm guessing anyway. But also really challenging.

So I'm warning you if you've got a toddler and you have an activity age child to hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Sure sure, these are the moments that I'll miss when they get older, but for right now, I'm not relishing in this. But I love my kids so I'll keep chasing the toddler so Harper can have a life.


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