The one about what I've been doing and needing more help from the village.

Things have been busy around here. I've been watching my friend's two girls sometimes and so the kids have been getting good and worn out a lot of the time. They've been staying for overnights and that's kind of a trip. With 4 kiddos here overnight it's almost guaranteed that somebody is going to wake up. Last night Tristan woke up, poor little guy. He's been cutting his canines and he's just been miserable. Any advice for my teething guy is welcome. I think we might have to go back to giving him some pain reliever before bed.

Oh and another thing I need advice on, he's such a monster, lol, him and the little girl his age just won't get along. They hit each other and are generally mean to each other. What are some tactics you've learned to stop kids from hitting? I don't know if Tristan is just too young to get it or what, but he's such a brute.

On top of that we have swim class and dance class and Christmas shopping to contend with and so we've just been busy little bees. Busy is good, but my house is struggling. It's in major need of a clean up, but I'm just out of energy to do that! How do you find the time in your busy life to make sure you get your house clean?

And if that's not enough I've been working hard on enhancing and growing the blog. We've had A LOT of new visitors and to you guys I say, "WELCOME!" I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

I'm partnering with some great products coming up and I can't wait to introduce them to you. Some products I'll be reviewing include Seventh Generation, Blossom Pads, Garnier, Gold Bond, and more.

And to end my blog today I'm going to post these adorable pictures of my husband and Tristan that they took on my phone the other day. I didn't know they were on there and so it was a really cute surprise that I saw today. My heart swells with the love I have for these guys.


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