The one about good things happening.

Things have been going really good. We had Zak's Christmas party at Edgewild, my favorite restaurant. The food was amazing and the company was great. We had a really great time and then as a surprise he got a bonus and a raise. It was much deserved and I couldn't be prouder of him. He's really worked his butt off this year and it's great that his boss recognizes how valuable he is. It's also going to make our lives a lot better and we all couldn't be happier about breathing a little easier every paycheck.

We finally got our Christmas shopping done. We got Harper more My Little Pony stuff than you can shake a stick at. She's going to be a very happy little girl on Christmas. We haven't gotten Tristan's present yet, but his won't be here until after Christmas because it's a big package. We are getting him a climber to keep in the house that he can climb to his heart's content.

Zak's brother just got him an indoor trampoline and he's been putting it through the ringer, jumping like a madman and crawling over the handle bars and flipping. He's crazy hard on stuff. It was a great present because he really doesn't play with toys unless they're riding toys or toys like trampolines. He's just too gross motor obsessed. He just climbs and jumps and runs all day long until he finally passes out at night. He's a pretty tough and rough kid. He keeps me busier than I could have imagined because he's so active and crazy.

And for Taylor we got gift cards that she can spend on whatever her heart desires. She's so hard to shop for since she's a teenager. Gift cards are where it's at.

So all in all I am extremely thankful for the way our lives are going currently. It's really great.

On the blog side of things, I am still working with lots of providers to bring you guys the most current cool products to review and trying to work on some cool giveaways for the new year. Stay tuned with me!


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