The one about Thanksgiving tradition

Today is the glorious yearly feasting day for my family. We always celebrate Thanksgiving on a day other than Thanksgiving. It's a tradition. We get up somewhat early and cook turkey. Then we sit around and hang out all day while we wait for the festivous time of intense cooking. The end of the day is full of chaos as we prepare 10 dishes at once timing each one perfectly to magically get done at the same time. Mostly because when it comes to Thanksgiving we are pretty much ballers. 

We also have a turkey day tradition of eating out for lunch. We grease those palates with some fast food that's terrible for you because damn it if you're going to eat a feast full of cheese and gravy than you better already be full from lunch. That's just how we roll. Today we had Steak 'n Shake. It was awesome. After that we made homemade bread. While we wait for it to rise we are sitting around playing video games and hanging out and these are the times that I cherish most. 

I love our Thanksgivings. Now I better get back to the chaos that's coming! Happy Sunday!


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