The one about the deep cleaning.

Something has come over me. I couldn't take it anymore. I decided to CLEAN MY HOUSE. And I don't mean just a little tidying up, I mean scrubbing everything down and making every inch of it clean because the chaos is driving me crazy.

It's been really tough for me to clean lately because of my oomph problem. You can read about that here. But I'm slowly trying to get my oomph back in all the ways I know how to. The first step was to stop napping during the day. I did really good except for today but I'm under the weather and I didn't intentionally go in there to nap when the kids did, I accidentally fell asleep putting Tristan down. Second step. starting to keep a really clean, cool house. I've been working hard on that one. Right now I've adopted the one room a day policy. Today we are deep cleaning the playroom and I have HUGE news. We moved Harper!

She's been in our bedroom for a very long time. But today we moved her out. She was so excited SHE ACTUALLY SLEPT IN HER BED FOR NAP. It's like the heaven's have opened and graced us with the beautiful possibility that Zak and I may get our bed back. HALLELUJAH.

I'm also really excited because I've been teaming up with some great new products to review for you guys and I can't wait to get them in the mail and start trying them out! I hope your weekend is going great guys!

It's been snowing here. Nothing that's sticking, but still there's snow! Perfect because I put some soup in my crock pot this morning. Come back tomorrow for the recipe! This is a good one.


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