The one where I try and solve a medical mystery.

My son has atopic dermatitis, aka the most frustrating nonsensical syndrome a parent can deal with Or at least this parent can deal with. Basically it means he is allergic to something in the universe that could be anything. He is constantly rashy. Usually it shows up in patches of eczema. Today he got a rash that started on his legs and wrists. A normal for him eczema type rash. Okay, we can deal with this. No big deal. Then he got hives all over his trunk. They itch him like crazy.

So basically when these bouts of dermatitis pop up I have to spend my day calling doctors and letting them know he's in a flare. Going through a list of new things he's been exposed to or possibly semi-new things that he's been exposed to before, but may be reacting to now. Or perhaps it's an environmental thing that I have absolutely no control over. We just don't know what causes it. His blood allergy testing came back positive for one allergy, dogs. He hasn't been around any dogs, but he's still broken out and uncomfortable with a full body rash! IT IS SO FRUSTRATING. I don't know what's worse, not knowing at any point what could cause your kiddo to break out into a terrible rash or the fact that he's extremely itchy and uncomfortable and on more drugs then he should be to try and help his skin.

I swear it is a medical mystery. No one knows what is causing it. He's not old enough for skin testing. It's all just guess work. I can take away foods like blueberries and raspberries because they may be causing a reaction, but the bottom line is we don't know. I hate that he has to have anything cut out of his diet. He's already a no milk unless it's cooked guy. It also scares me the fact that he has these severe reactions and that one day I may have to use an epi-pen. It scares me that I have an epi-pen.

Lord knows I love this child so damn much that if anything happened to him I would die. I can't stand this. Help me get through this next little while until we can get this kid allergy tested and we all feel better.

Until then I'll be over here like Nancy Drew trying to figure out the cause and solve this medical mystery.


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