The one where I eat pie for breakfast, because I can.

Last night Zak and I took a much needed date night. We went to O'Charley's for dinner. I got a bunch of horrible for you but delicious fried seafood and Zak got a steak. We both took home pie and I ate mine today for breakfast. OH MY GOD. Their caramel pie is so damn delicious it's ridiculous. And it tastes pretty amazing with a mudslide flavored coffee, too. Sometimes I eat dessert for breakfast because I'm grown and feel like it. Do you ever find yourself eating a totally non breakfast food for breakfast? Seriously if you don't you should. Other substitutions that I've eaten before include cakes, nutty bars, and cheesecake. All are fabulous breakfast foods. And if you have them with coffee that's the same as eating oatmeal, right?

Zak and I also went to the casino. We love going to the casino, although it's not a hobby that we can afford to do all the time. We like Ameristar, it's our favorite casino. We like to play Blackjack. We didn't do to awesome last night at Blackjack, but it was still fun to play the game. I'm not a card counter or anything like that so I'm not crazy good at it, but we stick to the basic rules and we do alright. The dealer was pretty lucky last night. Oh well. Then we played video poker and I won $15! That was pretty cool. So we took our losses and hung our hats and didn't lose all our money.

Other than that, things are going good. We are adjusting to being a family of 8 and all that that entails. It entails a lot of extra food. We need a mass grocer where I live, seriously. If you're listening planning and zoning, MASS MERCHANDISER. A Costco would really come in handy about now.


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