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Hey guys! So I am super stoked because I was accepted to be a Kandoo, Downy, and dreft blogger. If you haven't heard about Kandoo, they make really cool products for kids! They make saline sprays for dry little noses, cool hand soap, wipes for big kids, and they also make Boogie Wipes which are amaze gentle wipes for little noses with colds. Downy is one of the biggest names in laundry, I mean c'mon who hasn't heard of Downy. And dreft makes great baby detergent that I swear by for little babies. The smell of dreft=newborn baby to me and I just love it.

I was super stoked to get a package FULL of swag today from Kandoo, Downy, and dreft.

I got a cool Downy T-Shirt, a package of Kandoo flushable wipes, Boogie Wipes, Boogie Mist (Saline Spray), Kandoo Wash Your Hands soap, a dreft stain remover pen, a dreft stain remover spray, and Downy wrinkle releaser Plus. 

I am so stoked to try out these products and share them with you! I am really enthusiastic about working with these brands. They are bar none great products. Right now, you can visit Boogie Wipes or Kandoo and snag a coupon to get some of these products on your own!

A couple products that are really going to come in handy around my house are the Boogie Mist and the Boogie Wipes. Harper's tonsil surgery is scheduled for March 4 (the day before her birthday! Stinks so bad!) and they say she will have some nose discharge and if I'm going to wipe her nose a ton, I'll definitely appreciate the gentleness of Boogie Wipes. They also suggest using saline spray so I'm set now!


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