The one about moving and kids.

Moving is horrible. Every time Zak and I move we say that this will be the last time we move for like 5 years. But that never happens. We are at that point in the move where you are so very over it, but you still have a ton of little shit that needs to still be moved and you want to off yourself when you think about it and are ready to just throw it all away because you hate moving so much.

Another thing that I want to know is how the Duggars ended up with 19 kids. Right now we have 4 kids in the house and my sister and I are doing stuff for them all day long. I don't know how you get to 4 kids and think, "Hey, how about 15 more?" The mere maintenance on that many children is insane.

One good thing about the move is that now that I am regularly cooking for 8 people I am no longer making an insane amount of food for no reason. Now I'm making an insane amount of food and it's because we have an insane amount of people in our house. I love cooking, but I've always cooked for an army even when the army wasn't very big.

Some parts of the move have actually been really great, though. Now the kids constantly have somebody to play with and I've had to do a lot less entertaining all day. Harper and Ted are two peas in a pod and end up in all sorts of trouble all day long. Their favorite activities are dumping out entire totes of toys and not picking them up or running back and forth as fast as they can throughout the house. We are pretty much constantly hearing pitter patter of little feet.

Finally I want to talk about the Swan Princess. They have the Swan Princess movies on Netflix, but not even the originals, the sequels and all of the kids love them and we've been in constant Swan Princess mode over here. The movies are so bad, they are practically unwatchable. Why do kids love terrible movies?


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