The one about Kandoo Wash Your Hands soap!

I am currently battling a certain 13-month old for control of my computer. I gotta tell you things have really ramped up now that I stay at home and watch my kiddos and my sister's kiddos while she's working. I find it a little hard to get my blogging done and keep 3 toddlers and a 6-year old at bay! Tristan loves the computer keyboard and the on/off switch (why did they put a fancy light on there?). He's constantly trying to strong arm his way into using the computer instead of me!

Having a house full of toddlers has a lot of fun benefits, too, like when Kandoo sent us their cool Wash Your Hands soap to try. All the kids were excited to try it out. We got the Funny Berry scent. Kandoo has a lot of cool features. For one, the hand soap is a foaming hand soap with an easy to use pump. My daughter has a hard time working traditional hand soap pumps but this one is big and pumps easily. The pump is shaped like a frog and the kids all love that.

The foam is purple! My daughter and the other kiddos think this is super cool. It's also great because it lets them know when they've got soap all the way on their hands and also when they've washed it all the way off. This is great because my daughter is the worst for just letting it run off her hands and not scrubbing at all therefore not washing away any germs. But with Kandoo she is taking the time to really scrub, plus she thinks it's really fun so she might even wash her hands extra.

The scent is great. It smells fabulous. It's definitely a pleasant berry scent.

My kids both have eczema, so I was a little concerned it might aggravate their allergies. We are very Free & Clear over here. Kandoo is mild and hypoallergenic. It hasn't aggravated anyone and so that means it's definitely a winner.

Finally, Kandoo is a /moisturizing hand soap which is really great for the winter months when dry, chapped hand season is definitely in full swing.

All in all, I would definitely recommend checking out Kandoo for your toddler. If you check out their website right now, you can get a 50 cent off coupon!

NOTE: I received this product for free, but the opinions are my own. I truly love this product!


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