The one about the evolution of a personality.

Tristan is becoming quite the little handful lately. His favorite past times include pulling hair when not getting enough attention, foot biting (yes, that's a thing), and general trouble making. It's amazing to think that he was a little tiny baby not so long ago and now he's evolved into a little trouble making boy. Zak and I were both tired by the end of tonight and we both sat down and sighed and said, "What's he going to be like?" He's all boy. Rough and tumble with a lot of gusto. He's also just about the happiest little guy you'll ever meet.

Today was sprinkled with giggles about being able to pull off his zippered sleeper. He spent the whole day half dressed because every time I re-zipped him he would rip it off again and giggle.

Parts of me are sad because as he grows bigger and I realize that this is my last little baby, I'll definitely miss the parts where he learns new things constantly and the excitement that comes with first steps, first words, and learning faster than I can keep up. Little minds are exciting to watch. 

He keeps me so busy most days that I get pretty exhausted by the end of the day, but I look back and I'm happy that I got to see him all day even if 11 of the 12 hours were spent trying to keep him from launching himself off of the couch. The child has no fear. He's giving me major gray hair. 

Some other exciting developments this week were his first words. He said, "Night, night," and, "Dada" with purpose. That's pretty cool stuff. So while I'm super tired, I'm also loving every minute of this. 


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