The one with the update on Harper.

Little Miss Harper had her doctor appointment yesterday with the pulmonologist. We had to see the pulmonologist because of her suspected asthma and to get her cleared for surgery. Everything went good with the appointment. He confirmed that she has asthma and gave us an inhaler to use when she wheezes when she exerts herself or as Harper calls it, "her puff medicine". She thought it was really fun when she got to try it out in the office. She gets a special mask and everything!

He also cleared her for surgery, so now we go back to the ENT and get that scheduled. I'm antsy to get them out because she sleeps miserably and I think her life is going to improve so much when she gets them removed. It's going to be really weird timing because I don't want her to be recovering around her birthday in March, but the way everything is timing out I'm worried we won't have much of a choice. Regardless, at least I know she's got the best doctors on her side and everyone is working together to get her better. In fact, her pulmonologist is hopeful that maybe her tonsils might be causing her asthma symptoms and removing them may mean that we get rid of all of the medicines she's on! I would love that because she is becoming a regular ol' pharmacy.

In other news, a certain little boy turns 1 tomorrow. I can't believe it's been a year already! I'm so excited!


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