The one with a quick health update on Harper.

So Harper finally had her appointment yesterday with the ENT and since we've seen no improvement with medicines, all systems are a go for tonsil and adenoid removal. The doctor took another peek at her tonsils and they are still incredibly large and touching the uvula. Because of the size of her tonsils and the severity of her apnea, Harper will be staying overnight at the hospital for observation. Most kids are in and out, but I'm glad they are taking precautions. He's also going to look at her ear tubes and see if they are about out and possibly replace them at the same time. To which I said, yes please dear lord look at them so this child doesn't have to have another surgery before she even turns 5.

I'm so thankful for the continued good thoughts and prayers where she is concerned. Her apnea is pretty severe and it's a bit scary to think of her being put out and having to re-learn how to breathe. The doctor said by about 3 months post-surgery we will know for sure how effective the surgery was. She will have to have another sleep study at that time and could potentially need a CPAP machine if her breathing hasn't been significantly altered, but he seemed very hopeful that the tonsil and adenoid removal would be the end of it. Right now Harper wakes up about 10 times an hour and her oxygen drops to the low 80's which is not good. Most kids wake up once an hour and that's normal and then they get themselves back to sleep. Waking up 10 times an hour just seems insane to me. This child is  never getting sleep! She's still pretty energetic considering, so I'm a little afraid of well-rested Harper potentially exhausting mommy.

Can we talk about this weather? In Missouri it was 55 yesterday and today it's 40, but the wind is cutting in so heavily that it's freezing. I'm so thankful that I got outside yesterday to play with the kids and burn some of the inside blues that we've been getting. It's definitely soup weather today.

I am very excited for tomorrow's blog post, I got some Nivea In-Shower Lotion that I will be reviewing. Thanks for reading!


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