The one about the stomach flu.

This has been our life since Friday:

Seriously, our house has been rocked by the stomach virus that came out of nowhere. Seriously, my kids and I only went to the grocery store and bread co in the past 2 weeks and magically we picked up this terrible nasty little virus somewhere. It hit Tristan on Friday like I already said and cancelled his birthday party. Then I got sick, then Harper, then Zak, and then Taylor. It's a really fun time at my house right now. Anybody want me to make some plague cookies for them? They make great Christmas gifts for the special people in your life. 

But seriously, we are so over it. It's still better than the 2013 Flu-Mageddon. Sicknesses have decreased by about a billion times since we quit doing the daycare and I started staying home with the kids. Which makes me do this dance:

Break dancing bear suit

I don't miss that part of the job at all. Here's to hoping that we all get over this plague really soon! 


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