The one about my little boy.

One year ago today I wondered what you'd look like.

One year ago today I hoped you wouldn't have red hair.

One year ago today I wondered if I was going to be able to love you as much as I loved Harper.

One year ago today I drove in a huge snowy, icy storm to get to the hospital.

One year ago today I arrived at the hospital a half an hour late, because it was so treacherous and it took so long to get there.

One year ago today your dad and I tried to joke with the nurses as they rushed to prep me for surgery.

One year ago today your dad held me as I whispered, "I'm scared." as your dad held me and they placed my spinal block.

One year ago today I saw some panic in the doctors' faces as I lost a lot of blood and things got a little hairy for a few minutes.

One year ago today I asked, "What color is his hair?" as they retrieved you from my body.

One year ago today I met you and in an instant, I fell deeply in love. You had red hair and chubby cheeks. You were absolutely perfect. I am so happy you are my son. You are the light of my life. You are endlessly sweet and the happiest baby I've ever met. I'm a little sad that you are turning a year old and before I know it you won't be a baby anymore. But for today I'm going to enjoy endless hugs and kisses and hold you tight, because I won't be able to forever. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Tristan trying ice cream for the first time. 


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