The one about Love with Food, January Box

I walked out to my mailbox on Friday and got super excited about the Love with Food box that was in my mailbox! I've raved about Love with Food quite a bit on my blog, but for those who haven't been around for that, basically Love with Food is a snack subscription service where you get 7 or 8 healthy snacks. They pride themselves on having all natural foods. Some are organic and GMO free. They are snacks you can feel good about eating. 

This month I got:
-Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs
-Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar
-Energy Kettle Cooked Apples
-Somersaults (Seeds and Grain Snacks)
-Breakfast Tea
-Cassava Pops
-Velvet Truffles 
-In-Shell Almonds

This month's box was the first month I've been a little bummed about a couple things that I received. We don't do tea, so that was a throw out item. Also no one in my family likes coconut, so the Luna bar was out, too. But of course as with all my Love with Food boxes, the first thing I did was try the chocolate. The Velvet Truffle was fabulous and with less than 10 ingredients, it was definitely a keeper. I wish there would have been more than one though. One just seems like a tease.

Next the Cacao Nibs. I'm very into dark chocolate so these nibs were the perfect little treat. 

All the rest of the snacks have been making their way into our lunches and so far I haven't had a disappointment in the bunch. You have to try Love with Food if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed. Especially if you are on a whole food diet. They are the perfect snacks when you don't want a bunch of junk like potato chips, etc. 

Still love Love with Food! And I just want to remind you that one of the coolest things about the boxes is that for every box they ship, they donate a meal to a hungry child in America. So you can totally justify your monthly snacks with helping the world. :) 

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