The one about Disney Infinity 2.0

My family is Disney obsessed. Harper is basically counting down the days until she gets to go to Disney World. We watch a ton of Disney movies. Some of her favorites right now are Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen. So when we took our oldest daughter to Game Stop after her birthday and Harper saw Disney Infinity, she decided it was a must have.

Disney Infinity is basically Disney's version of Skylanders in that you have a base to put your toys on to play with. It's got some cool twists though that make it a little different. Disney Infinity is more about creating worlds with "toys". You unlock toys through playing different missions and fighting enemies. Right now we have several physical toys for our base. We have Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph, Rapunzel, Merida from Brave, and Stitch. With each of our characters it unlocked special content for our toy box.

Basically the toy box is full of creatable content where you can design your own levels and worlds. At almost 4, this is way above Harper's pay grade. It does come with a few pre-designed toy box levels, though. Harper had a bit of a tough time picking up some of the more intricate controls, but overall she is figuring it out pretty well. I'm working on designing her levels that she can play easily. That's the cool thing about Disney Infinity. You can design the game play down to the last detail and make a world that your 4-year old won't struggle with so much.

We got the Toy Box version of Infinity which came with 2 hexagon shaped toy box game discs. These game discs basically have playable mini games and worlds. Since the toy box version comes with Merida and Stitch the worlds were based on them. Harper thought it was pretty cool to play in Merida's world, but she has a hard time with Stitch's.

Another aspect of Infinity that Harper and I really enjoy is the 2-player game play.  This is helpful for tougher spots. I can do the brunt of the hard work and she still feels like she's' playing. Plus it's another thing for us to do together. I love anything that helps us get some time together.

Overall, I would rate Disney Infinity highly for any age children. The box suggests 10+, but that's mainly because a lot of the content would be over the head of younger children. But that doesn't mean that younger children won't have fun playing it by any means. They can get just as much enjoyment out of the game just in different ways. If you don't mind helping your child play (that's the fun part anyway) then you will definitely enjoy this game. And if you've got a Disney fanatic like I do, you will definitely enjoy this game!


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