The one with the Calico Critters Display.

So as Harp and I gained more and more and more Calico Critters, I began trying to think of a way to put them up that's not all crazy cakes in a basket. I hate digging for things in a basket. Plus, they are ridiculously cute, so why not display them somehow over our play table? A lot of things came to mind, wall shelves, cabinets, etc. But none of them would really hold the Critters up well. Visually I figured, you know what, these guys are the size of spices. So that really drew my attention to spice racks. They make a lot of ornate, wall hanging spice racks. Perfect! And they don't cost that much! Double perfect. Our spice rack came yesterday and I have to say, it looks pretty nice up on the wall.

Spice Rack turned Critter Display Holder
It holds all of the grown up critters we have so far. Plus, look how cute it looks! I still haven't come up with a solution for the baby critters yet.

In other news, Harper's ENT appointment is tomorrow so I'd just ask for prayers, guidance, and overall good juju. I know everything will be just great, but it's still just a bit nerve wracking. Harper's sleep continues to get worse, though, so I know it has to be done and as soon as we can possibly do it. :)


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