The one about the snowy day.

Yesterday was a great day to just rest after our busy day on Wednesday. The kids and I were all whooped. But, something magical happened in the morning. Snow started falling and falling and falling. I had to get Tristan outside for the first time in the snow since my Grandma just bought him an awesome Christmas Story-esque snow suit. Unfortunately, Tristan is not a big fan of snow or snow suits, but I still got some cute pictures of his first time in the snow. Harper on the other hand is a huge fan of snow and she and I got to have some fun before Trist really worked himself up in a tizzy. We threw snow balls, giggled, built a tiny snow man, and tried really hard to get Tristan to have fun.

Sometimes I take staying at home for granted. I may shake my head and get frustrated with my kiddos. But other times like yesterday, I just bask in it. I may not have gotten to enjoy his first snowy day if I didn't get to stay at home. I wouldn't have gotten to fight him for 15 minutes to put on his bulky snow suit. I wouldn't have gotten to feel all his extra weight shifting around as I carried him or to try and convince him that the snow was okay even though it was cold. I wouldn't have gotten to see his first steps a few weeks ago. I wouldn't get to hear him try and say, "Night, night," to me when it's time for nap. I wouldn't know every little cry or noise he makes. I wouldn't get to see his scrunchy face when he's frustrated. I am not always thankful, but yesterday I was. Cherishing thankful moments is so important. It's what gets you through hard times and good times. Be thankful in all that you do as much as you can.

Here are the pictures of our snow adventure:

What fresh hell is this?

This is cold and awful!

I want to get up and run like sissy!

Looking miserable.

My snow baby.

The one smile I got out of him.

Guess where that snow ball is going?

She thought she was so funny!


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