The one about quiet moments.

It's a quiet moment right now. Kids are both asleep. Husband is passed out on the couch and I'm just hanging out with my bad self. Quiet moments with 2 kids and a house to take care of don't come too often around here. I'm thankful when they make their appearances. I'm thankful for the noisy, ridiculously loud moments of my life, too. But sometimes the quiet is nice. I've been busy, busy, busy today. Tristan and I are doing a product research study for diapers that I'm pretty excited about. It's cool that we are helping shape the diapers that are going in the store. Also cool to get free diapers and some extra cash. I had the first meeting this morning. I had lunch with my sister. Then, because I just hadn't done enough, I went grocery shopping. When life gets this busy it's nice to take a moment to just have quiet and enjoy it. I might even have a Ghirardelli chocolate square. Look at how delicious they look. So today take some time for yourself. And just enjoy the quiet.


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