The one about our first overseas visitor.

GAH! All the cute! Guess who arrived today?
Persian Cat Baby, Sylvanian Families
It's our very first visitor from overseas! Basically, there are Calico Critters which are the U.S. version and there are Sylvanian Families which is the rest of the world's version. They are virtually the same except the rest of the world has even more animals and even better accessories and such. So, this will probably not be the last little traveler we have, but he is the first. This was pretty exciting to us. Me and Harper have been waiting in anticipation for quite some time because he is so darn cute. Unlike other critters, he is super furry. He is a Persian kitty after all. In fact, even Tristan was excited, he kept trying to steal him while I was taking pictures.

I'll take that for you, Mom.
It's pretty cool to think of him coming all this way and crossing the ocean to get here. Harper says she thinks he rode on an airplane to get here. :)

We also got some other cool stuff in the mail today. I had an Etsy giftcard that I've been needing to use and so I finally got on there and searched Calico Critters and found some talented people who make some cool stuff for critters. I settled on a few outfits and a baby bunting from a very talented store owner, Jen Kuehle. Here is a link to her critter clothes. They turned out really cute:

Twin Outfits with Headbands

Sister Outfit

Baby bunting! Looks like a little strawberry!

We also got our Rainbow Nursery in the mail. Harper and I have been playing and having fun. She calls it the Critter Daycare.

I am just loving these little guys and I love the quality time me and Harper get playing with them even more. She just melts my heart. I love that she loves them so much. Here's to adding more to our collection! :) And in true English fashion, I end this blog: Cheers!




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