The one about the ENT appointment.

We had our long awaited ENT appointment today for Ms. Harper. It was a long and arduous appointment. I'm glad it's over, although, we're not really fully resolved at this point about where we go next. Harper had an initial appointment, a hearing test, and a bronchoscopy.

Here is a diagram of the bronchoscopy:

This was totally awful with a 3 year old who doesn't understand what the hell is going on. They wouldn't let me hold her and she fought them tooth and nail. She did not want that thing up her nose one bit. They had to check her larynx, though, to make sure that it had resolved and did not require surgery, too. Another helpful thing (not) was that the lady who did hold her was not a warm, loving type at all. All of the nurses and doctors we encountered at Cardinal Glennon were amazing, but the support staff left a lot to be desired. 

The bronchoscope was very traumatizing for Harper and she cried when I brought it up most of the day. I took her to Starbucks and got her a special cake pop afterwards and let her pick out a Shopkins at Target and that seemed to help. She kept saying that she, "Would be brave next time the black spaghetti came near her nose". Poor baby girl. 

Basically, the good news we've figured out right now is that her nasal structures are normal. Her tubes in her ears are working great. She's hearing just fine. Her laryngomalacia has resolved. The bad news is that she most likely has asthma. She is a noisy breather, especially when she's excited or exerting a lot of energy. Since it's not being caused by her larynx, it's most likely being caused by asthma. The doctor put her on medicine to try and help out her athsma. She also has enlarged tonsils and adenoids and so those need to go, too. But because of her asthma, we first have to see a pulmonologist to make sure she is cleared and healthy enough for surgery. We will most likely have surgery in February or March. In the meantime, we are hoping that she is healthy and fine and will do well in all of her testing between now and then. 

Oh and the one bright point of our appointment is this happened:

Not everyday you see Santa ride in on a helicopter. So Merry Christmas, here's a tube down your nose! 


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