The one about EdgeWild Restaurant.

Have you ever been somewhere so fabulous that you just have to tell everyone you know about it? That's what Zak and I experienced on Saturday night when we had his work party at a place we'd never heard of called EdgeWild Restaurant. This place is just fabulous. When you drive up, immediately you are thrust into a really cool environment. The restaurant itself is beautiful inside and out. It makes a great first impression. We were seated and our waiter, Paul, was incredibly cordial, friendly, and spirited. He walked us through the whole menu.

We picked out a few appetizers. We settled on the Artisan Cheese plate, Andouille & Crawfish Stuffed Mushrooms, and finally Truffle Fries. When they brought out our appetizers, both our bellies and our eyes were intrigued! If there is one thing EdgeWild did not lack, it's presentation. Everything looked at beautiful as it tasted. Let's start with the Artisan Cheese plate, they brought out 3 cheeses which I can't even remember what they were, but I can remember that they were EXTREMELY delicious. They were served with fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and crostinis. We all devoured it pretty quickly. Next, the Truffle Fries. Holy cow. These things were amazing. I'm a truffle lover of all sorts and it just had the most simple but decadent flavor that you could ever imagine. It was served with kalamata olive aioli and let me tell you, I'm a big olive fan. The kalamata olive brought out this amazing garlicky, salty flavor that was indescribably good. Finally, the Andouille & Crawfish Stuffed Mushrooms. They were spicy and savory and all around delicious. We all knew we were in for a real treat when our next course came out. Boy were we right!

The next course we got were salads. I got a Vineyard Salad. It was served with a goat cheese fritter and herbed ranch dressing. The goat cheese fritter was so delicious, I wished I could have had more! The salad was the perfect blend of greens and the oven roasted tomatoes satisfied even my horribly picky, tomato hating husband. He couldn't believe that tomatoes could taste that good!

As if it couldn't get any better, our main dishes came out. I ordered the Crab Topped Center Cut Sirloin. My word. First of all, I ordered my steak medium well. Rarely is it cooked correctly, but much like everything else at EdgeWild, they again got this right. The steak was topped with a delicious blend of black truffle cream and lump crab meat. The steak melted in your mouth. And that's not even saying anything about the perfectly whipped potatoes and grilled asparagus. If that wasn't enough, they brought out desserts.

The dessert menu isn't online and I was in such food heaven at that point, I don't remember what we got was called, but it was the most heavenly chocolate cake that I have ever had. Layers of chocolate and delicious. I can't even describe it to you. You HAVE to try it. Right now. And then they give you chocolates on the way out!!!

Overall, the service, the food, everything was just absolutely fabulous. I can't say enough good things about it. Zak and I can't quit talking about it and we are already planning another day back. I just had to spread the word because sometimes places are so fabulous you just can't shut up about them!!! Try them out!


  1. Where is this fantastic place located ?


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