The one about cloth diapering.

It's no secret I'm a thrifty mommy. I try all sorts of tips and tricks to save some money around the homestead. A great way to do this is cloth diapering. I'm going to instill my cloth diapering tips and tricks on you guys. Hopefully you can use it and maybe save some money yourselves!

We still use disposables overnight because T is a super heavy wetter. We also use disposables when we're out and about so I don't have to carry a wet bag.

What's in my stash:

20 Fuzzibunz One Size Pocket Diaper Covers
20 Microfiber Inserts
20 Hemp Inserts

What I've used in the past:
Thirsties Duo Wraps
BumGenius Diapers
G Diapers
Bumpkins Diapers

The Fuzzibunz that I use are hand me downs and that's why I have them. They are a basic pocket diaper and what I'll use for the examples. I've used a ton of different diapers in the past and the Fuzzibunz are right in the middle of the pack for your typical diaper. I suggest using Microfiber inserts with a hemp insert as a doubler AKA double insert. You want to use a doubler generally, because it helps to not have leaks. I suggest hemp because they are super, super thin and very absorbent. Here's some pictures of the cloth diapers and inserts:

Outside of Pocket Diaper
Inside of pocket diaper

Hemp Insert on Left, Microfiber on Right

Look at this cloth diapered cutie!

The first thing you are going to do when you get your diapers is to strip them. Stripping can be done a number of ways, but the way that I generally do it is put my washer on the PRESOAK setting. My washer is a newer style, but if yours isn't, you can just put it on your longest wash cycle on HOT. Then you will do another regular wash on hot and then 2 rinses on cold. This should strip your diapers of any yucky detergents that may be in your diapers. Since I strip with bleach, I only have to do this once a month to once every other month. Basically you strip when your diapers start to hold smell.

When I wash my diapers normally, I use All Free & Clear detergent:

First things first, shake out any solid BM's into your toilet. Next, I presoak before every wash. If your washer doesn't have the presoak function, you will wash your diapers through a hot long wash cycle twice, and two cold rinses. If your washer does have a presoak, you will presoak on hot, wash on longest wash cycle on hot, and then do one cool rinse. You will use an extremely small amount of detergent. Basically enough to just cover the cap bottom. You will only add detergent at the beginning. The rest of your washes and rinses will be detergent free.


Lay your microfiber insert over top of the hemp insert.
Open your pocket up.
Holding tight to your inserts to keep them straight, stuff your hand with inserts into your pocket in a diagonal.
Holding tight to your insert remove your hand.
Stuff your hand back in to flatten out the inserts.
A view showing the stuffed inserts. Hemp goes in back, microfiber goes in front.
Tuck the insert in fully. It's ready to be put on your baby!

Snap diaper on snugly using snaps or velcro on diaper. It needs to be very snug and tight around the legs with none of the inside of the diaper or inserts showing on the outside. Tuck in any parts that may be showing.
Cloth diapers have a shelf life of 90 minutes to 2 hours. You will need to change them more frequently than regular diapers. Also, you need to wash them every day or every other day. Don't let them sit any longer than that or it will be absolutely disgusting!

I think I touched on everything. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I can answer them!


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