The one with the tour of our Critter house and how to get cool flooring for your Critter house.

I'm a grown woman who likes to play with Calico Critters. There, I said it! I love them. They are so darned cute. It's just a bonus that Harper also loves them. We like setting up the house. She likes taking off all of their clothes and having them swim at the beach on our play table we have set up. We've been tweaking our house and we finally got it set up the way we want. Come take a tour!

Our critters live next to a river and lake and a beach. Must be nice! You can see them a bit in this picture. We use carpets to break up our rooms. The best and easiest way to get cool carpets is to spend an hour online looking through and ordering cool free fabric samples and carpet samples. Some that you get will be small and useless, but some you get will be perfect for rugs in the critter house! 

When you enter our house, we have a small sitting area with a chair. All of our furniture is piecemeal. We've got a lot of different furniture from all sorts of toy sets. Some work out okay and look like they fit in the Critter house.

The bathroom has a baby bathtub and a display cabinet for our powder and lotion that came with our set. We also have a table with our shampoo and conditioner. The critters are crazy detail oriented and so when you buy sets they have tons of knick-knacks to put in. Most of the bathroom is actual Calico Critters stuff that we got discounted at Home Goods. 

Our baby room is pretty plain right now. We've only got 2 baby cribs, a rug, and a chest of drawers. Christmas should bring us some other things to help fill out our room.

The parents' bedroom is also not too big right now. We've got a large bed from our Little People castle and a wardrobe that we use to keep our clothes in. It sits on a cool cat rug.

In the back of our house, we have a bookcase and some board games.

The last room in our house is our small kitchen. We don't have much for our kitchen at all right now, except for the baby highchairs. 

I know it's nerdy and goofy, but it's pretty fun stuff. Christmas we are adding some more families, a grocery store, and another house. Hope you enjoyed our tour!! 


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