The one where I make a ton of Calico Critters clothes! AND a DIY Tutorial for a No Sew Critter Vest!

Christmas is coming! I'm getting so excited for Christmas this year. I haven't gotten a lot of things yet, but I already know what all the kids want. I'm most excited for Harper's stuff because the Calico Critters are toys from my childhood that I ALWAYS wanted. I'm probably going to have just as much fun playing with them as she is! Ha! Calico Critters and a Lalaloopsy doll that poops charms for a charm bracelet (so weird) are all that Harper talks about lately. It's pretty cute.

Since I picked up my secondhand Critters off of Ebay without any clothes, I've been busy working away to make everyone clothes. Here are the final shots of the 3 families I got:

I think everyone turned out really cute! It's all DIY clothes that involve NO sewing. No sewing was important because in my family I don't sew, my husband does. Seriously, he's the designated stuffed toy fixer. I dressed all the girls in simple dresses, the babies in diapers, and dads and boys in quick, simple vests. Today I'm going to tell you how to make DIY Critter vests!! 

Supplies you will need:

-Leftover fleece or felt
-Hole Punch

First, lie your Critter down on the felt and visualize or draw a rectangle that is large enough to wrap around the front of your Critter's body, but not touch in the front. The rectangle should be the length from the neck to just above the tail. Cut the rectangle out.

Next, mark or visualize where the arm holes should be. To do this, wrap the fabric around the Critter and mark where the shoulder sits on the fabric. Hole punch this mark out. 

Finally, slip your critter's arms through the holes. Cut off any uneven fabric. Ta-da! Super simple! Enjoy!


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