The one about Thanksgiving crafts, part 2!

We are very into crafting around the house lately. I wanted to post some more Thanksgiving craft ideas for you and your kiddos! They are super easy to do.

Coffee Filter Turkeys:

Supplies you will need:
Coffee filter
Construction paper
Yellow magic nuudles

First, fold your coffee filter in half. Glue the pieces together to make a half circle. Let your kiddo paint the coffee filter to make "feathers". Next, take some construction paper and cut out a turkey body. This will look like a number eight shape almost, as below. Draw two eyes. Paint on the snoods aka the red thing that hangs off the beak. Snoods. Hehe. Take your magic nuudle and pinch it in half and glue on for the beak. Harper didn't want to paint the turkey brown, so we left it as is. But, if you do you definitely could! Finally glue your turkey body to the coffee filter. If you do it when the paint is dry, the paint will act as a good enough glue, also.

Corn Cob Craft:

Supplies you will need:
-Blue construction paper
-Green Construction paper
-Popcorn kernels, or corn kernel snacks

For this craft, first draw an oval or corn cob shape on some blue paper to use as a guide. Next, cut out 4 leaf shapes for the cob. Glue them on as pictured, folding over the leaves to make it look like  a peeled cob. Finally, glue on some kernels. Make sure you glue thick so they stay on really well! Ta-da!

I hope you guys enjoy these crafts as much as we did!


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