The one about Taylor's 14th birthday!

Today is my stepdaughter's birthday. This seems so crazy to me. She is 14 today. I can't believe that she is already 14. Jesus, that makes me feel super old. My husband and I got together when she was 4 so it has kind of come full circle. She's pretty much a little adult now. :( Ugh!

I couldn't be happier with the way she's turned out, though. She's sassy and funny, smart, and kind. I can tell that she will be the type of person who has to learn her way through her youth and learn her own lessons and make her own mistakes and I can tell that she's going to really enjoy living life. It is completely gratifying that I get to be a part of her life. I can honestly say even though she is my stepdaughter, I love her as much as any of my other kids. She is just turning into the coolest person and that's just really exciting to watch. I have to get a little sappy, though. Here are some pictures of little Taylor, circa when her dad and I got together.

I still remember her chubby little face and arms that had not lost the baby fat yet. I remember her calling me asking me to come over to play. Just that instantaneous connection we had. In fact, I remember Zak introduced us pretty early on in our relationship and then actually pulled back us seeing each other because it worried him a bit just how attached she was to me and our relationship was so new. It's crazy to think about now, 5 years into our marriage, about how many times Taylor would hassle her dad to marry me already! Now life is totally different it seems! My fondest memories are playing Grand Champion horses or Polly Pockets with her until her eyes would get tired and she'd have to be put to bed. Ah, shit. Here come the tears. Now the days of Polly Pockets are long gone and the days of boys, clothes, and friends have come. She's turning into an amazing woman and I couldn't be prouder. Plus, she's pretty beautiful, too!

So Taylor, don't forget about your family, even though we annoy you sometimes. Try to be kind even though at times people will try and lead you astray. Stay true to yourself. Love without fear of hurt and you'll do all right in this crazy world. All my love.


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