The One About Love With Food (Monthly Snack Subscription Service)

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about my new favorite thing, Love with Food! Love with Food is a monthly subscription snack box that is amaze! This month is my second box. It came with the following stuff for $10:

-Laiki Red Rice Crackers
-Chipz Happen Cinnful Sweet Heat Tortilla Chips
-States & Capitols Educational Snacks
-Guylian Marbled Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle
-Guylian Extra Dark Chocolate Praline Truffle
-All Purpose Seasoning Salt Blend
-Midnight Soft Baked Biscotti
-Jer's Chocolate Peanut Groupie
-Soft Dried Turkish Mini Figs

Plus, a cookbook, a coupon for Guylian chocolates, and a $25 gift code to some place called Le Tote which I haven't checked out yet.

Can I just say awesome?! It is such a great deal for the money and it's a great way to spend $10. Plus, they are all about whole, all natural, GMO free, and organic foods. It's a fun way to try new, better for you snacks. I'm just really happy overall with the service. AND this month their shipping was a little behind and so they sent me store credit and an apology email. They really care about their customers and I love that and it's not too easy to find great customer service nowadays.

Here are some of the finer points of Love with Food which I think are actually pretty cool. Every month they send you your tasting box. You try everything out and then you can go online and review what came in the box for points. You don't have to do reviews, but I do, because I love points! These points allow you to buy more snacks! Pretty cool! Plus, if you refer friends, you can also get points, which means more free snacks. You also are letting them know what tastes good and what doesn't so the upcoming boxes get even better snacks that you'll love even more! I really can't say enough good things about Love with Food.

Every snack I've tried this month has been awesome. My favorite are the Guylian truffles. OMG, so delicious!!!!

So, don't take my word for it. Right now you can try a box for FREE! Try it out, please! You won't be disappointed!

Love With Food - Snack Smart. Do Good.

(Disclaimer: There are some referral links in here. But, seriously try it out! Enjoy!)


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