The one about cold days and Thanksgiving kid projects.

It has been cold, windy, and rainy in these parts lately. That means we've been spending a lot of time cooped up inside playing, watching some TV, and snuggling. That also means Mama is going a little bit stir crazy and so are the kiddos. During baby T's naps Harper and I have been doing busy projects around the house. We decorated for Thanksgiving, but figured out we don't have too much stuff to decorate the house with, so we decided to make some projects. These are super simple and can be done mostly with supplies you have lying around your house. I used some leftovers from the daycare I used to own for some of them and some ideas are just oldies but goodies.

Cornucopia weaving project:

This was one of those prepackaged deals from our curriculum at the daycare, but could easily be made at home with little to no prep work. In fact, Give Your Octopus a Paintbrush has a great cornucopia that has vegetables for cutting practice, too. Print your cornucopia on printable card stock and then cut vertical slits about 1 inch apart for practice with weaving. Weaving is great hand eye coordination practice and perfect for the 3-4 year old preschooler. Harper is actually getting really good at it. She weaved this herself. It looks really straight and perfect! (I don't know where she gets her perfectionist ways from *cough* Zak *cough*, seriously her dad is the biggest perfectionist I know.) Now we could have printed vegetables for cutting practice, but I also think fostering complete creativity is good, too. We opted to draw the veggies and fruits in. She chose to draw grapes, apples, strawberries, and chocolate chips for good measure.

Turkey Handpainting Project

I owned a daycare for years, y'all. That means, I've become pretty damn good at making painting time less messy. Painting is SO messy. I'm not a cleaner. But, that doesn't mean I don't love a darn adorable turkey painting as much as the next gal. My daughter is incredibly good about sitting still which is unusual for kiddos. If yours isn't, I've got a trick for you, too. For this project, we painted her hand (she thought this was hilarious). I had her hold still and spread her fingers wide apart and painted the colors of the turkey on. Then we put her hand on the paper, pressed hard, washed up immediately, and my house never was the wiser with a crazy paint mess. Now, if your kiddo won't hold still for you, don't fret my friend, I have a trick. Grab a paper plate, take kiddo's hand and trace around it. Make sure they spread their fingers wide. THICKLY paint on the plate using your kiddo's hand tracing as a guide as to where you want your colors, now take kiddo's hand and spreading fingers wide press kiddo's hand on the paper plate in the imprint, press to paper, and CLEAN! Sigh. Save your house from paint covered tables and walls and be a happier mama for it. Hang it up for a bit to dry and let your kiddos draw the details on with marker.

Come back later in the month and I'll show you how to make even more cool Thanksgiving projects! What have you and your family been working on?


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