The one about the arrival of the Calico Critters and an easy DIY Critter Dress

Today the mailman came and he brought with him the most anticipated Christmas gift! The calico critters! Hooray! I can't wait to see Harp's face on Christmas morning. And my face is happy because they are in awesome condition. The only issue that they have is that some are missing their clothes. But, these guys are the vintage version. Some of them still have their 1985 Epoch stickers. Which means that this was a super good buy. The vintage ones sell for even more. So when Harper gets older if she gets tired of them she can get rid of them for a decent price!

So, since some of these guys need clothes, my mommy DIY cheap brain has been working overtime to think of ideas on making these guys some clothes that don't involve me sewing. I'm not a seamstress. I found a tutorial on Pinterest for making doll dresses out of socks, but when the Critters got here, I quickly realized that a sock would be too small. Even my son's infant socks didn't have the snug fit I wanted. I explored around my loose fabrics and socks and such I have lying around. I picked up a baby mitten, you know those things that only get like 2 days of use before your baby figures out how to take them off. I had some of the cutest patterns on the mittens AND they were way more snug than a sock. PERFECT! By the way, this is for adult Critters. So, here's how to do it:

You will need:

-A baby mitten
-A sharp, nice hole punch
-Velcro tabs

The first thing you will do is put your Critter inside the mitten like shown above. This is how you will determine how long your dress should be. Mark on the mitten right above where the feet are. Cut straight across, slightly rounding at the edges. Next, take your hole punch and find where the critter's arm holes are and mark it. To make the cute collar, you will want to punch your holes right under the first seam. The hole punches are the perfect size for little Critter arms and the hole punch makes the circle perfect. Next, cut out a V shape in the back to right below the Critter's tail, like so:

This is so Critter's tail will stick out of the dress. Finally, add velcro to the top parts of the V to attach behind Critter's neck. For my final product, I'm going to hot glue on some ribbon and/or buttons for embellishments. Voila! You have a 5 minute no sew Critter sundress! I will post some more pictures on my blog as I finish them up! Enjoy dressing up your Critters!


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