The one where you say goodbye to a friend.

Today is a hard day. Today I say goodbye to my dog of 10 years, Wiener. I remember driving to the pet shop that used to be in St. Clair on a tip from a coworker that there was a really unique crossbreed of dog there. I remember walking in and locking eyes with her. Her ears were bigger than her whole body. She had the biggest blue eyes.

She was just a tiny, sweet girl. Always timid. Never mean. She loved everyone she came into contact with. After she got out her "big dog" barks and growls, she would just annoy you to death with incessant kisses and contact. Through the years she saw me through some of the biggest ups and downs in my life and I can't say enough how much I will miss her. It will be weird not hearing her obsessively itch her belly. It will be weird not hearing her bark. 2 days ago her endless seizures started and I watched her body and brain fail her. She took care of me and now it's time to take care of her and end her suffering. Her favorite thing in the world to do was eat. She was as wide as she is long. And I am self proclaimed not always the best dog owner, but I think she had a good life. Life has a way of surprising you with these types of things and you are never prepared. But, this dog deserves the world and I truly know she will be taken care of in Heaven. God, please make sure and feed her extra from the table for me.

Love you always girl.


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