The one where I keep her up late.

To my amazing 3 year old:

Some nights I'm selfish. You should be sleeping. We pick out 2 bedtime stories but we read far more. You love the book I wrote for you about your first year and my pregnancy with you. We look at the ultrasounds and the pictures I spent hours pawing through when I should have been working and you tell me your story since we've read it so many times and my heart overflows with love. So I keep you up.

When we get into bed and I ask you your favorite part of the day and you always surprise me with what you liked the most, I keep you up.

When we talk about what we are thankful for and every single night you wrap your arms around my neck and tell me you are thankful for me and then go on to list every relative you can think of, I keep you up.

When sometimes you tell me I'm your favorite Alex, I don't correct you and say  I'm your mommy, I just keep you up.

As you reach for me to hold my hand sometimes as you fall asleep I remember you won't always be 3 you will be 13 one day and I will be longing for you to need me like you do now, so I keep you up.

As I watch you stroke the fur on the face of your lovey, Bunny Pillow, and slowly fall asleep shd start to snore my heart bursts and breaks at the same time knowing another day with you is gone. You are getting bigger and you are so excited to get big, but I will miss these days so much so I keep you up.

You are endlessly kind and loving to your little brother. He loves you so much and I am so happy we were blessed with both of you that I keep you up.

I keep you up because I can't believe that I made you and you are good. You are so good sweet girl. Don't ever forget that. And I may just be selfish again and keep you up because I can't stand to lose a minute of it.

Forever yours,
Your favorite Alex


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