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What I'm going through

Things have been very unpleasant in the Stroup household. No sooner did we find out that we were expecting a bundle of joy did we learn about a form of extreme morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). Today I'm on an upswing. This is how my pregnancy is spoken of. Upswings, downswings. Since I'm on an upswing, I wanted to make something to just get out my feelings. How I'm feeling. What's going on with me, with my health. I found out very early that I was pregnant. I was about 4 weeks along. By week 6 it became very apparent that this pregnancy would be very different than Harper's. I was sick with Harper, but it was only at night and it felt very "manageable".

About week 6 I began throwing up constantly. I was bull headed and refused to go to the doctor before my magic week 8 appointment to check for viability. Between week 6 and 8, my condition deteriorated. I saw my doctor and she prescribed an antiemetic drug, Zofran. I called this a wonder dru…