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The one where we talk about silence and news.

Things have been pretty calm on the blog front. I've been pretty silent as last time I wrote, I took a hiatus from electronics and went on an amazing family vacation to California. My family and I all fell in love with California, and Zak and I would move there tomorrow if we could afford it. I am so thankful that we took a leap and chose to take the trip to spend our tax money on something that couldn't be bought. A whole trip of family memories and experiences that we won't soon forget. And I'm so happy that we did it when we did. Shortly upon returning, we got a surprise that we won't soon forget.

I had been feeling very funny. And it was slightly reminiscent of another time in my life where my body felt unlike my own. So on May 3, I took a test. And it was negative. And I laughed at how silly I was and my paranoia. But, something just didn't feel right. So on May 5, I took a test. And it was negative. Again, laughing off my paranoia. The aching paranoia ju…