The one where we do too much at once.

So, lately, I have way too many commitments. And I'm technically sick right now. But, I can't really be sick, so I'm deciding not to be. It totally works that way. And by totally works I mean I take a lot of Alka Seltzer cold. I need to invest in the company. My vacation is this week and that means my excitement level is super high. I'm ready to go to California and live like I'm in the Big Pimpin' video. Just kidding. I'm gonna have kids with me, so it will totally be PG. It will kind of be like Yo Gabba Gabba except with less plushies and furries and a lot less color. I will be DJ Lance. I'm awesome like that.

This past weekend we totally did way too much. Is this just how it is now? I started a Zumba class and so that was Saturday morning. Then we went to a family get together. Then I came home and had to go shopping for the vacation. Sunday we went to a birthday party and Tay had soccer. We have too many commitments. Kind of like right after we get back from vacation, we have to move. So, that's awesome. Pretty much every weekend is like that and so because of this, I no longer know the meaning of free time. This is probably why I decided hair brushing was an optional activity. Is this just society? Everyone lives balls to the wall constantly and we don't ever slow down and take a break ever. The thing about me is I f'ing love naps. I'm crazy about them. I would be napping right now if I could. Kids totally take naps for granted. I need to slow down.

I took a gamble and bought this really cool thing for Harper. It's called Citrus Lane. It's a monthly subscription thing, but I just bought one month because it was on sale for half off and it was actually really cool.  This month we got all sorts of cool stuff. Here is all the that came in the box:

It also came with some orange vanilla shampoo/body wash from the Honest Company. Harper really liked getting mail. Here is our review on the box. First, the paint with water set from Melissa & Doug is a huge hit. She was amazed when she opened it and got very excited to do them. Love, love, love Melissa & Doug stuff. Next, the placemat. Now, it's nice and all, but Harper thinks it's a baby blanket, so it's not all that useful as a placemat to us. It's pretty cool, though. Totally washable and you can write on it with markers. She will appreciate that one day. The drink holder is something that I've wanted to get for a long time, but never bit the bullet on. This one is cool because it is expandable to fit bigger bottles or milk jugs. The fruit mash up is always a good bet with Harp because she really likes mashed up fruits especially ones that come in that type of packaging that they can just "drink" it right out. Finally, the Honest Company shampoo is yet to get used, I threw it in our check bag for baths on the trip. I'll let you know what I think of it. Seriously, though, if you have an extra $25 a month, you should join Citrus Lane for your kiddos.


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