The one where storms and business makes you extremely worn out.

So, running your own business can always be challenging. Especially when your partner gets strep throat and has to miss basically the whole week of work. Watching a lot of kids, cooking, and doing all the cleaning by yourself is exhausting. Then to top it all off, we had a super bad storm last night and Harp was too scared to sleep in her own bed so she wanted to sleep in mine. Which would have been fine except that my husband usually doesn't sleep in the same bed with us if she's in there, but last night he did. Which means that Kickle Me Elmo was a) kicking me all night b) kicking off MY covers c) crying about her binkie constantly that she kept spitting out. Every time I tried to take my blankets back, my husband would yank them away. So, I was  cold, got barely any sleep, and had to get up super early to go do all the work for the daycare. I'm exhausted right now. If someone asked me what I'd do for a cup of coffee right now, the answers would be disturbing. That kind of tired.

I am so happy I am only 2 weeks out from vacation. I am so happy tomorrow is Friday. I will kill someone for a coffee.


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