The one where I try and deal with life and not get swallowed whole.

The weather lately has been amazing and mucho appreciated in the daycare world. The children have been able to go outside and play which keeps us all a little more sane. This past weekend was Easter and Harper was really big enough to get egg hunting and the Easter bunny and it was so much fun to see her go crazy for it. Plus, I got to dress her in really super cute clothes which is always a plus. Here are some pics from her Easter fun:

She kept dropping all the eggs in and saying, "BLOOP!"

Saturday we went out and served some eviction papers and we made as much money as I normally do in a month in a couple of hours. That was amazing and depressing. We usually don't get that many at a time,  but we really needed it with vacation coming up. We really want to buy early check-in on the plane so we can make sure that we are all sitting in the same vicinity. Southwest doesn't do assigned seats which is kind of a bummer. Then we caught up with Zak's dad and had some delicious Steak n Shake and then went back to his place and visited with him and his amazing girlfriend, Jane. She's like my second mom. We also borrowed an awesome suitcase from Zak's dad for the trip and we are all getting pretty darn excited about it.

Sunday we went to Zak's mom's and did an Easter egg hunt, ate lots of good food, and visited. The weather was perfect and we sat out on the deck and just hung out and relaxed. I made an awesome dinner of chicken and loaded baked potatoes and all was right with the world.

We have lots of kids out from daycare today, so things are pretty slow which is nice. I've been feeling really depressed lately about the house. I'm ready to move and to not have to think about the depressing fact that we aren't going to be living there much longer. I'm really nervous about the addition of another payment and hope that we can knuckle down and make it work. We are going to become a 1 car household which is a little bit nerve wracking, too. I really hope that we just save a lot of money by doing all of this to make up for the fact that we are adding something new. 

Zak and I switched over to cash budgeting and it seems to somewhat help our spending. We only have so much so we can only spend so much. It's been really tough to not live above our means. We were used to a certain type of lifestyle with my old job and we have had somewhat good fortune in just floating from month to month. The hardest part is not eating out every 5 minutes. But, it's really tough when you work as much as I do to muster up the energy to cook after working and being depressed all the time doesn't help either. I'm just thankful that Zak and I are not currently having marital problems on top of it or it would be enough to just swallow me whole. We suffer from issues from time to time, but I've really been trying to let go of all my stress when I get home and it's working out okay. Now if he could just refrain from not thinking before speaking the whole world would live in peace and happiness. ;) 

I guess that is all for now. Rambling on and on.


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