The one where I had the worst service ever at a restaurant.

So, last night Zak had a doctor's appointment that he had forgotten about. We were going to go out to dinner, but since that wasn't working out, I asked my sister if she wanted to go out to eat. We went to Los Cabos a local Mexican joint that has good food. Boy were we in for a real treat. When we got inside, the host at the front was counting his tips and ignoring us. Hmm, that's kind of jerky. He didn't even look up at us or anything when he said, "How many?" We told him 7. He said to hold on and proceeded to add up his tips for awhile longer instead of seating us. Which alone would've been whatever. Finally, we got seated, given our chips and salsa (which of course the bottle was nasty and unclean). We sat for 15 minutes or so before the guy who was hosting came over because he was going to be our waiter, too (lucky us). I let my sister have the one high chair that we basically got ourselves and had to sit Harp in an adult chair. Zak ended up getting out early and calling us. I told him, "Come on Barbie, let's go party." By the time Zak got there we still hadn’t ordered our food yet. When our waiter brought our drinks they were all messed up. He didn’t know whose was whose and he brought Harp’s water in an adult glass (obviously doesn't have a 2 year old at home) and even though I asked him for one he never brought her one that had a lid. We didn’t even think about  asking him for new salsa. I asked the waiter if I could get a high chair and he acted really pissy about it. Go figure.

He came back and said, “What do you want?“ in an uber rude way. We sloughed it off again and acted pleasant towards him. My sister ordered and I ordered nachos supreme, you know uber loaded deliciousness nachos. Cristy said the word, ‘chicken’ after hers which is a key thing to remember later in the story. She said, “Nachos Supreme Chicken, please.” and I ordered a nachos supreme with no ground beef. Check. Shouldn't be an issue. A long, long time later, our food came out. The person who brought it wasn’t our waiter and he was in a super hurry. They brought out one nachos supreme with no ground beef and they gave it to Cristy. Cristy thought this was what she ordered and began to eat it. They handed me mine which they said was the same, but it clearly wasn’t. I saw that it didn’t have any beans on it, which is kind of the point of nachos supreme. I knew they would be coming back because they forgot my brother in law's dinner.  I waited for a really long time for our waiter to finally bring my brother in law’s food, so I could ask him for a new one. This was when the super fun exchange went on:

“Excuse me, sir, this has no beans on it.”
“Uh, yeah, that’s what you ordered. You said nachos supreme ONLY chicken (voice escalating every minute).”
“Sir, no I didn’t, I asked for a nachos supreme with no ground beef.”
“Yes, you did, you said a nachos supreme with ONLY chicken. That’s what YOU said.”
I reiterate again. “Well, then SHE (pointing to my sister) has YOURS.”
“Okay, well, I would like beans.”
Yelling at this point, “SHE HAS YOURS, SHE SAID NACHOS SUPREME WITH ONLY CHICKEN!” (Okay, but she’s already eaten like half of them because you haven’t come back to the table for like 10 or 15 minutes, and this is irrelevant at this point.)
“Okay, can you please just fix mine?”
“Dude, what is your deal, can you please just fix this?!?!”

Guy takes the food back, brings it back and slams it on the table, “Here you go, chicken AND beans!” I obviously didn’t feel comfortable eating them considering how crazy aggressive the guy was being.

My husband finished his meal and went up and complained to the manager and got money taken off of our bill and quite obviously this jerk didn’t care about a tip. God, how miserable must your life be to act like that to total strangers. I will never EVER go back to that place and don’t suggest it for anyone else, either. Unless you want to take the risk of getting screamed at.

I just don't get it nowadays. I get that working in food can be a thankless, tiring job. I really do. I worked in food for 7 years. I get it. But, when you go and actually sit down and pay good money at a restaurant this is what you want from the waiter:

This is how our waiter made us feel:

So, that’s my fun story about the worst service ever. Totally bummed that I didn’t get good Mexican food. My husband probably won’t want to go again for awhile since he had his food and it totally had no spit or
anything. Lucky.


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