The one where you learn children must go outside.

So, seriously, I hate Missouri weather right now. First off, for the past couple of days it's been deceivingly sunny outside. All of the kids think we are mean torturers who are punishing them because we don't let them outside when it's sunny which they equate to hot. It's been in the 20's which means we can't take the kiddos outside. Like, legally, we can't. Because they will freeze their little tushies off. But, the thing is that when these kids don't go outside, they act insane. I am exhausted, because turns out our little flu that we thought we had was actually Fifth Disease. Harper looks like somebody done pimp slapped her little face. My poor little girl. And I guess I didn't get the luck of having ye ol' parvovirus as a child, so now I have it. So, I've been running a low grade fever and have some majorly achy joints and bones and nausea. So, I'm already a crab. But, these children are driving me nuts. They can't run around inside without hurting themselves, but they can't release all their pent up crazy energy because they can't go outside. AAAAHHHH!!! I just want to curl up in a little ball and go to sleep. Heck of it is, they'd just wake me up. ;o)

Life stinks. In other news, we will be moving soon next door to the daycare. My dad owns a trailer next to there and when the house gets foreclosed upon we'll be going there. Happy to know we won't be homeless, but sad to know we won't be living in our house anymore in a few months. We really grew attached to it and thought it would be our house for awhile. Grin and bear it, huh? It's easier to say home is what you make it then to actually feel that way.

Funny kid quote for the day, sitting at lunch one of the little girls was telling me an awesome story, "So, my grandma lets me drink soda, but I have to keep it a secret from my mom and dad because it is our little secret! Once upon a time, a beautiful calm little girl drank SODA from her grandma and it was a secret!" Haha, the girl is a firecracker. So frickin' funny.


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