The one where we talk about hormones and learn that I never ever put stuff back where it belongs.

So, the thing about living with a teenager is that they are always pretty much angry. Like pretty much you could be like here is $100 and it would piss them off. I've drawn a cartoon dramatization in case you wondered what it is like and needed a visual aide.

Yeah, I drew that shizz. I'm not gonna lie, I'm totally super talented in many different ways. Including drawing. LIKE A BOSS. So, anyway, we are having an angry weekend at my house and it's been super fun.  We've already gotten a new swimsuit, went to a birthday party, have a friend over, got movies, and cookie cake, and nothing has equated to happiness. It's super tough because hormones are evil biotches and I totally get it. See, me being a teenager, and hating my dad and totally plotting his demise because women be completely crazy pretty much all the time. I like to think that as an adult, you get all better and whole, but let's be honest, sometimes I'm still fuckin' nuts. Lol.

It's just, my husband just drives me really crazy sometimes. He is amazing. He has been so great during my whole quitting my job, having no money, going through the process of losing the house thing, and it's been crazy how great he is. But, the dude is also endlessly frustrating. Like, no dude, I'm never gonna put shit back where it belongs. Look, we been together 8 years and I don't ever put anything away. So, I'm not going to start now. Don't waste your breath. I put shit "away" in my own way. And don't you ever mess with my kitchen. You don't cook, stay the hell out of there. Where are the brown lunch bags? Oh, really, we threw them away? WE? Oh, we never used them? NO, WE used them every time your kid needs a lunch to go to school. WE totally used them. Sigh. But, alas, I love him. He's super adorbs. He's endlessly kind. But, if you are sitting there and saying you never once had your husband annoy the shit out of you, you are a filthy liar. And YOU KNOW IT! In fact, I have a meme for that:

So, anyway, I'd better get back to World War 3 because being kind and loving really pisses teenagers off. And, that's what me and Z decided we were going to do, just be there and love, and wait for her to come back around. 

I'll leave you with a funny Harper story. I was getting dressed to go to the store and Harper asked me why I was wearing a seat belt. Apparently a bra looks a lot like a seat belt. Then she wanted a seat belt of her own and was prancing around wearing a seat belt proudly. I love my daughter so, so much!


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