The one where we talk about first world problems and nap time.

Today seems to be going okay. I no longer like to use words like perfect or good for fear of disturbing the powers that be into thinking that I need another really bad day. Harper seems to be doing loads better already with her new medicine and her ear drops. Her ear drops that I almost gave myself a heart attack with because I almost dropped them right into her eye. Literally landed like 1 millimeter from her eye as I screamed, "Noooo!" in slow motion.

Right now, I am taking  over in the advanced preschool room (4 to 5 years old) during nap time. Nap time to 4 to 5 year olds means looking at each other from across the room and trying to mouth things to each other because they think I'm too stupid to notice. And then me telling them over and over to face away from each other and them acting surprised that I actually can type on my computer and watch them at the same time. It's like I'm some sort of Charlie Sheen warlock magic creature with tiger's blood. So, I just said, "Face the dress up clothes" again for the thousandth time. My nephew is under our preschool table playing Angry Birds because he is having a rough day. He has sensory processing and when he has his off days, he really has a bad day. He won't do anything he is supposed to. But, playing games calms him down, so we take what we can get even though it causes the other kids to act worse than usual because they want to play games, too, and not nap ever. 

So we are under a month out from vacation which is really exciting. It seems like the teenager is finally getting excited about going, too. She totally was all first world probleming it about vacation. Zak and I originally wanted to go to Vegas, but she wouldn't go if she couldn't bring a girlfriend and threw a huge stink. First world problem. So, then I decide to do California and to make it a surprise. Except for the fact that my husband has a huge mouth, and pretty much ruined my scheme. Very frustrating. He mentioned places we could go, like California, which she threw a HUGE temper tantrum about. Said there was no way she would ever want to go there, etc. The girl is on crack. Apparently, she wanted to go to Texas (WTF?!) and so no place but Texas was acceptable. Who the hell wants to go to Texas anyway unless you are going to Schlitterbahn. I don't know, she's impossible to please. So, finally, I said F the surprise just tell her and she was pissed and I just kept wanting to yell, FIRST WORLD PROBLEM! Because, seriously, I DON'T WANT TO GO TO CALIFORNIA, WAH! Seriously?! California, sunny all the time 70 degree weather San Diego, right next to the ocean? Seriously? Just one more example of how you can't please teenagers ever. See this post where I talk about angry teenagers.

She appears to be actually happy about it for now. But, I'm prepared for it to change at any minute. Well, anyway, if you need me I'll be busy practicing my travel hacks.


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