The one where we rename 2013 "The Year of the Flu".

So, I don't even know how bad our luck is, or whatever, but right now Bajesus hates us. Like, super hates us. So, for Christmas this past year, Santa got us the stomach flu. And then for New Years, Bajesus got us the stomach flu. And then because my sister was having an anniversary in early February, he thought he'd be original and give us the stomach flu. And then Valentines Day rolled around and Bajesus sat around and he thought, hey, let's do something really crazy. And all of his little friends were like, you know who hasn't had the flu too much, the S. family. They frickin' love the flu. And so, he gave us some stomach flu.

So, when sweet innocent Harper woke up at midnight last night screaming, "WIPE ME OFF!" indicating to me that she had vomited EVERYWHERE, it was kind of surreal, because how is it even possible that one family could have the stomach flu not like once or twice, but five times. FIVE FRIGGIN' TIMES. I think this deserves a meme.

He was being especially cruel since we aren't over the 6ish week cold from heck fire. Seriously, if you ever have a wild hair and you decide, "Hey, I'm going to quit my reasonably ailment inflicted office job that even with stale, recirculated air still only sees me out 2 or 3 times a year and start a business full of tiny people who have no regard for germs", just be informed beforehand that a daycare is what people in the biological warfare business like to call a HOT ZONE. This means that everything you touch is contaminated. You will constantly be sick because no matter how many times you wash your hands or sanitize, these children will SPIT IN YOUR MOUTH. They will rub snot on you. You will be cleaning up fecal matter and urine all day. Daycare work, not for germ-a-phobes. Children are little, sweet typhoid MARYS! End rant. 

I'll leave you with my funny quote for the day. I always ask the kids how they get so big when I change their diapers because I always pretend they are really heavy when I lift them on the changing table, and one of the boys today said, "BECAUSE I EAT MEEEAAAATTTTTT!" Haha. Kids. 


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